VSCC Presott - August 2013


Prescott is HP6161’s natural habitat and it was great to be back after mechanical setbacks over the last two years. Practice on the Saturday was conducted in dry conditions but for the racing on Sunday we weren’t so lucky. Thankfully the rain eased for the second run up the hill in Class 14 (Pre 1941 Racing Cars 1101 - 1500cc) and we managed to avoid most of the slippy bits to come first on handicap with a time of  62.96s. Not our best time in recent years and certainly not the fastest we’ve ever managed, but pleasing nonetheless.

You can see the full results here, and find out more about the VSCC Prescott event here.

(left - waiting to be called forward to the start during practice)

A selection of photos are included below - click on the thumbnail for a larger image.