Alvis Racing Car No. 1

The Axles


The front axle and springs are standard 4’1” 10/30 components with the addition of Hartford type 101 dampers. A common feature of early vintage cars is the lack of front brakes and it was not until late 1924 that front brakes became an option. On HP6161 the axle is not braked and the inability to slow the car down is only partially offset by the improvement in the directness of the steering. The maximum braking efficiency ever recorded during a MOT test was 0.55g with new brake linings.


The rear axle is a 4’2” track assembly with (currently) a 4.55:1 ratio, although it was originally fitted with a 4.1:1 ratio, shortly changed to 4.3:1. All of these changes were made during the first 12 months of its life before being sold to Jack Linnell.

The (braked) rear axle carries four shoes per station/wheel. The inboard shoes are operated by the footbrake and the handbrake is responsible for the outer pairs.

The CWP gears were replaced during the 70’s when they stripped on the start line at Shelsley.