Alvis Racing Car No. 1

Since its restoration during the period 2002 to 2006, Racing Car No. 1 has either attended or competed at events at Brooklands, Prescott, Loton Park and elsewhere. Click on the relevant button on the right to navigate to each event.

Events - 2013:


No.1 competed at the VSCC Prescott speed hill climb held at Gotherington on the weekend of 3-4 August 2013 in Class 14 (Pre-1941 Racing Cars 1101 to 1500cc), winning the class on handicap. More details can be seen here. For general information on the event please visit the VSCC website by clicking here


More recently, No. 1 has taken part in a photoshoot in preparation for a forthcoming article in Classic and Sportscar magazine at the newly-created Bicester Heritage centre. The article will trace the history of Alvis’ involvement in racing during the 1920s and will feature not only No.1, but also the 1924 200 miles car as well as a 1927 FWD sportscar to cover the later Le Mans efforts. More photographs are to come, but a selection is available here.