Alvis Racing Car No. 1

Technical Section


One might argue that most of what goes on inside a vintage racing car could be described as ‘technical’, so to define the boundaries of this section is going to be pretty difficult. In starting, I have used (very loosely, it has to be said) the VSCC - definitions of major components to group interesting bits together and added a couple of extra categories for those interested in the complete picture.


Within each category the reader will (eventually) find not only photographs of these bits down the ages; but also, where appropriate, the items separated into smaller components for restoration, cleaning or repair. Specifications will be included where possible, as will dimensions, ratios and so on.


Inevitably there will be some contamination with other parts of the website, not least the  restoration and rebuilding of No. 1 during the period 2002 to 2006, which quite rightly is a part of the history of the car (and therefore appears in that section), but contains elements which are technical and/or oily.


There will also be references to a specific book at various points during the narrative, without which the whole rasion d’etre of this site would dissolve:  TVAM for short (and for those in the know) or The Vintage Alvis Manual to give it its full title has sustained this author and many others during the process of owning, fettling and enjoying the pleasures of vintage Alvis motoring. The reason I mention this here is as a half-hearted apologia for not including a lot of the details of Alvis components here which are covered in far more detail in this great tome.


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