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The history of Racing Car No 1

There are five distinct phases of the car’s life so far:  As the name suggests it started life as a works racing car, both at the hands of the factory driver and subsequently a privateer.  It was then transferred to private ownership and used for both occasional racing and as a working sports car. After the second world war, it was resurrected as a more practical everyday vehicle before being returned to its orginal late 1923 specification for the marques’ 50th anniversary.  In this guise it was raced very successfully in historic competitions until a serious mechanical failure in the mide 80’s. Restored in the period 2002 - 2006, the car is now racing again in its original sprint configuration.

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1945 - 1983

Various guises, restoration, and competition by Robert Wicksteed.  (in development)

1983 - 2006

Engine damage, laying up and restoration, rebirth. (in development)

Alvis Racing Car No. 1

1924 - 1945

A.J. (Jack) Linnell’s ownership, Brooklands victory and everyday use. (partially finished)

1923 - 1924

Genesis and early racing succeses as a works and privateer car.

2006 to date

Reappearance, Brooklands, Prescott and beyond.