HP 6161 was built during the early summer of 1923 and first driven by the works racing driver Maurice Harvey at South Harting on July 28th.  The car was, in common with others built around that period, a mix of 10/30 and 12/40 parts with the new 1496cc OHV engine.


During the summer the car notched up a series of racing successes in sprints and hill climbs (the most popular form of motorsport at the time).  These iconic pictuires show Works Racing Driver Maurice Harvey at two venues during the summer of 1923 as the car was being used both to test new components (including a new OHV engine) and publicise Alvis’ entry in the Brooklands JCC 200 miles race later that year.


These are the oldest known photographic records of the car.

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Sprint competitions - summer

Alvis Racing Car No. 1 - 1923 sprints (summer)

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South Harting

South Harting, July 1923

West Harling Heath

West Harling, August 1923

West Harling start

West Harling, August 1923

West Harling finish

West Harling, August 1923


The Brooklands JCC race


Privateer racing

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